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Video Drop Series

Video Drop Series 1

I am doing my first video drop series.  This is a new idea to provide some covers that influenced me in a profound way as a writer and musician.  My first series is Bob Dylans masterpiece, Blood on the Tracks.  The first drop is “Shelter from tbe Storm” (VS1.E1)

Shelter from the storm vid clip

VS1.E2 Tangled up in Blue

I wanted this to be weekly while the series is being released, but between finishing my current album, Gravity, and the two EP’s it is comprised of Polarity and Parity, that has proven to be more than I can chew.  So I am making it bI-weekly.  This Friday 5/1 I will be releasing Tangled up in Blue.


Please recommend the next series!!!

While I want this series to be comprised of albums that had a huge affect on me, I also want recommendations from you, and the albums that affected you in the same manner.  Maybe we have overlap.   If so we will pick a mutual sonic journey to explore!!!