The latest album is in the works. Stay tuned!

About Us

Who is Fujawa?

A multi-instrumentalist, Fujawa has had an instrument in his hands since the age of 6. Starting with piano and soon moving to trumpet, which he played until the age of 13, when rock and roll and the electric guitar and bass caught his eye.  Vocals soon followed and these days he also plays lap steel and mandolin, and attempts to play the drums.

What is Fujawa?

Todd plays all styles of music, focusing on roots, rock, jazz, funk and blues.  But loves anything with soul or a groove.  Fujawa is a platform for just that, all styles and genres of music, comprised of just Todd or anyone who fits the moment.  He has developed his own style over the years, thus Delta Ray Grass was born.  On those rare occasions its needed, he has been known to also play a little Psychedelta Ray Grass.  Delta Ray Grass is a concoction of delta blues fueled country rock with bluegrass and reggae undertone and influences.

Where is Fujawa?

Fujawa is in Austin, Texas and is currently working on his latest album, Gravity.  This LP will be comprised of 10 original songs, mastered both digital and analog, with a limited vinyl release.  We look forward to the release and the release party that will launch it.